Artists at the Mill
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Artists at the Mill

Location: 4th Floor, Old Mill

A group of artists using a variety of distinctive styles and media, working out of Conway Mill.

Artists at the Mill are a group of talented & creative individuals occupying the top floor of Conway Mill, Conway Street, just off the Falls Rd, Belfast, N Ireland.

Disciplines include but are not limited to painting, fused glass, felt painting, graphic/product design, ceramics, bronze, origami, jewellery, print and knit-ware.

We work individually but come together a few times a year to organise workshops, exhibitions and take part in events such as Open Studios and Culture Night/Day.

Over and Over
Kevin Quinn
Suil Adhuid
Sheelagh Colclough
Anne Donovan
Maire Louise Gormley
Mary Callan
Sally Young
K Day Hudgeson
Alice McGuiness
Fiona Goggs/Grace McGowan
Hugh Clawson
Andrew Wood
 Lynne Gracey
Melonie Woolley
Ruth Hamilton
Dominic Donnelly
Rachel Julca
Lucy Moyles