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Fibre Contractors Ltd

Location: 1st Floor, New Mill

Fibre Contractors Specialise in training fibre splicing technicians to work in the telecommunications industry. We train engineers to work ready standard in the industry. If you have a particular training need around Fibre splicing, drop installs, pit and pole work get in touch and we can start a conversation.


The Fibre Academy

Working within the telecommunications sector we realised that there is a desperate need for contextual training. Too often we had to stand by and watch as existing training providers taught generic training that was heavy in outdated theory and not relevant to how the telecommunicatons installation companies deploy and work today. Our trainers have first hand experiences of the skills needed to do the job within the Telecommunications industries and identified the knowledge gap.

We grew tired of traditional training methods resulting in too many trainees not being ready to work and equipped with outdated theory.

Our aim is to change all that.

We realised that with our knowledge and experience we could make a difference, and provide training that means you are ready to work from day one. We have done this by:

Real World Training

We build our training programmes on an analysis of the knowledge and skills required for real world job roles within the cable, Aerial, Satellite, Broadband and Fibre Installation and Service businesses. Meaningless theory is totally discarded.

Industry Recognised Qualifications

We use modern, professional training methods and techniques that support relevant industry recognised qualifications that meet International standards

We Provide Support

We provide support so organisations put the training into practice.

We Customised Your Training

We work with our clients to provide customised or new training solutions for those customers working at the limits of, or on newly awarded projects. We also employ full time trainers and develop our own course materials.

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